Designing for the web since 1994.

I was designing experiences for the web before it was a ubiquitous part of our collective lives. Hopefully, I still have a trick or two up my sleeve.

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Sponsor a Scout

A simple gift can spark adventure and build character.

Taking Back Some Fire

My stuff should be my stuff. That seems to make sense.

Polka Dots and Moonbeams

A little whiskey and a Selmer Mark VI.

Toenail Jail - Morning Songs, Some Days

Your toenails are so long, they could cut cake.

Neighbor Flavors - Morning Songs, Some Days

A song about diversity.

Human Growth Beef

Paul, Joy, and Jeremy get some memory thoughts.

The Pony's Got Diarrhea Again - Morning Songs, Some Days

I called the vet for a pony diarrhea cure.

Shark Butt - Morning Songs, Some Days

There are treasures inside.

An Affable Holiday

Paul, Joy, and Jeremy discuss their holidays.


Tabitha's Biscuits - Morning Songs, Some Days

I made all these biscuits for you.

Boogers - Morning Songs, Some Days

Something about booger eating.

Christmas Clown - Morning Songs, Some Days

Oh, no! It's a Christmas Clown!

Haunted Clock - Morning Songs, Some Days

Look out for the Haunted Clock.

Morning Songs, Some Days

OR: What happens when my brain hasn't fully gotten into gear.

I'm a Unicorn

A look into a middle-aged man's life in a "young person's" field of work.

A Happy Place

Until this week, I didn't think that a "happy place" was a real thing.

Time and Attention Well-Spent

Can we untangle our brains from this cycle we've created?

The Old, Crusty Hermit and His Return

"Oh, Lord," I thought. "I'm old Luke."

Welcome Back.

After a few years away, I'm reviving my personal website.