Wake me up before you go-go.

I'm not a morning person. Because of this, for years, I've tried to find ways to get some cortisol squirting my old brain a little faster so I'm not a grumpy loaf of ham around everyone.

One method I've found to be more successful than most is to make up songs in my head. And, more often than not, those head songs become mouth songs. And those mouth songs are belted loudly while stirring the morning oatmeal.

Most of these "morning songs" are pretty stupid and inconsequential. But, I can't lie. Some of them have been pretty good over the years.

So, I've decided that I would start recording some of these morning songs so I could share them with you. Because why should my family be the only ones subjected to these bangers?

To start off, here's a little ditty called Stumblin'.

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